Shandong Caixu Wood Co., Ltd. was established in Linyi City, Shandong Province in 2018. It is the Shandong Branch of Jiangsu Caixu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (www.caixuwood. Com). Both 2 companies mainly produces and supplies Reconstituted veneer, Dyed wood veneer, Bamboo veneer, Edge wrapping wood veneer and Rotary cut veneer etc .

With the sound development of production and operation of Jiangsu Caixu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. & Shandong Caixu Wood Industry Co., Ltd., the company's production and supply products are constantly upgraded and expanded. Among them, the Reconstituted veneer dominate the domestic high-end market and assume the responsibility of leading the upgrading of domestic products. At the same time, through investment and mutual operation, we have gradually enriched our business products and expanded from wood veneer products to upgraded products such as Edge banding veneers, Wood Mouldings, UV pre-finished Panels etc, so as to continuously meet the diversified needs of customers at home and abroad, and provide cost-effective products for door and furniture industries, modern homes and high-end hotel decoration projects.

The 2 companies have opened a number of Franchised Distributors in many places in China, and the products are exported to nearly 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the United States, Europes, Canada, Central and South America and the Middle East etc, including signing fixed contracts and cooperation with many well-known enterprises of the door & furniture enterprises and Hotel Decoration projects for many years.

The company's business philosophy: Strive for a first-class brand, Take care of customers carefully, and continue sincere and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to contact the consulting business and come to our companies for investigation and negotiation!



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